Creating A Romantic And Tender Pink Bedroom

pink bedroom decor

The pink palette is groundlessly considered an attribute of children bedrooms. The tender shades of pink, such as tea-rose, light-lilac and peachy, appear very elegant and suit exquisite master bedrooms. For creating a truly intimate space, a pink bedroom can be diluted with beige, ivory, pale green or light blue.

Painting the walls pink is the most common solution for instilling a romantic ambiance. In this case, white or gray will make good company for the main color. Try placing the colorful accent on one wall and painting the other three white or ivory. Generally, when finishing and decorating a bedroom in pink, designers recommend to take notice of the following properties of the color:

  1. Shades of pink are versatile. Use them for the background, as the second main color or for creating bright accents;
  2. Pink is able to create in your bedroom an aura of warmth, tenderness, love and sentimentality;
  3. The complexity of the color pink allows for employing it in interiors of virtually any style;
  4. Pastel shades of pink help relieve stress and settle down a bad mood. Bright pink tones encourage action and prompt brave and creative decisions.

Dark furniture will strike discordant notes in an airy pink-colored bedroom. Since pink alone is an eye-catching color, bright furniture will make the bedroom look dollish. Thus, pick up pieces of neutral tones or white. For the finishing touch, add window curtains: light for airiness or dark for stylishness.

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